Why Umass Dartmouth Students should Study Abroad

This post is a little harder for me to write because my experience has come to an end so abruptly but, the situation that I have been put in will most likely not happen again. I HIGHLY recommend studying abroad!! You grant yourself the opportunity to experience different parts of the world, different cultures and perspectives that have the ability to completely change your outlook on life. You meet so many amazing people and create new friendships that will last a lifetime. You get to try new things that you would never find at home as well as discover new things about yourself that you would not typically expect. Wherever you study, whatever you study, you will learn topics in a completely different way than being taught at home and in my opinion that gives you an upper hand on learning.

Studying abroad has brought me so many good memories and moments, especially when traveling to new destinations. I don’t know how you could say no to being able to travel all of Europe or all of Asia. Wherever the destination may be you are going to have time to travel a lot and see SO much!! Being abroad definitely strengthens your mind in the best way possible. You have to rely on your independence much more than being home but this is what allows you to grow as a person and open up to new situations and perspectives. Studying abroad is an amazing experience and it gives you the chance to check things off your bucket list, it has for me! Although my semester was cut short I do not regret going and I wish I could do another semester abroad. Having the opportunity to go abroad I have definitely matured and grown more as a person. In addition to this, Umass Dartmouth has a great international programs office and they have done their best with helping me find a destination and program that I would really enjoy.

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