Arriving in London was both exciting and nerve racking. My first impressions were that it is very loud and busy just like any big city but this was a little different. I felt bombarded with all the things London has to offer. At first the transportation system looked like a labyrinth consisting of unlimited ways to go in every direction. On the other hand this made it very easy to discover that London has so many places to eat and so many things to do, all of them look appealing. The city is a lovely combination of old buildings and modern buildings. Usually that combination is not appealing and doesn’t work for a big city but everything from the cobblestone roads to the Shard fits so well together. The weather here is constantly between the 40’s and high 50’s, which is not terribly cold. It does rain a lot in London but if you always have your umbrella its no big deal.

When I first moved into my home here my initial reactions were that the building is nice and the rooms are good for living so close to the city. I am not entirely in the city but just outside of central London in a really nice neighborhood. My room is on the 11th floor of my building so my view of the city is awesome. It is a small room with a good size desk and small bathroom. I’m not upset with my living situation here, I am in a suite with five other people some girls, some guys and we have a shared kitchen. The only thing I am not really a fan of is the fridge we have. Mostly everyone cooks here because eating out in London all the time is expensive especially where we are so, it is a bit small for six people to share.

Lastly, the University of Westminster business school is wonderful. All but one of my classes are right downstairs in the business school so it is really convenient. The classroom sizes are about what I am used to at Umass Dartmouth. They are nicely looking modern classrooms with a lot of new technology which is always a plus. It is definitely different from my home university but so far I am really enjoying the learning environment here!

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