Right now I am on week four of the semester. Studying in London is much more independent compared to studying at home. Each week the modules I take have lectures, seminars and workshops throughout the day. The lectures and seminars are around two hours each and you are not assigned homework or assignments each week. The assessments are also much different than home. Some of my modules only have one assessment at the end of the semester that count for 100% of your grade, while others have two or three pieces of coursework that make up a majority of your grade. So far I like the class dynamic, it is less demanding but you are still expected to know the topic being discussed. The professors are very knowledgeable, trustworthy and caring towards all the students.  The students in my modules consist of local, international and US study abroad students. Another thing I forgot to mention is that attendance if different than what I am use to. Each lecture, seminar and workshop you have to “tap in” with your student ID on these little black boxes when you enter the room and it records your attendance.

My favorite place in the university is probably the study/lounge area in the business building. This area has a cafe and is full of comfy chairs and pods that you can relax and study in.  So far the best thing that I have discovered at the university could be the creativity space. This space is not on my campus but I have one of my modules here. It is a space with endless amounts of resources in the arts and sciences building. They have the newest technology that you are free to use, digital touch screens, comfy couches and so much more. Overall it has to be my favorite because it has so much to offer. I am looking forward to expanding my marketing knowledge as the semester progresses!

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