Cultural Immersion

So far I have not engaged a lot with the local culture. I have done a few things, like go to some interesting club meetings and explore different groups. I have a gym membership now at the local school gym so there I get a good chance to engage in the local culture a little bit. One of the things I have noticed about the local culture is that everyone goes to pubs a lot. Pubs are for drinks after work and nobody really gets food. It is more of just a sit, talk and drink vibe. Another thing that has been clear about the local culture is that it is very fast pace and everything is go go go. Everybody has somewhere to be and something to do here. The city is always awake and even when you think nobody is going to be at a super early bus or train there are always a good amount of people.

Some things that I love about the local culture is that it is so diverse. London is a big mixing pot full of people from all over the world. Almost everyone you walk by here is speaking a different language so it is cool to hear. Another thing that I love about the local culture is how helpful everyone is. Well maybe not every person but for the most part, there are a lot of kind people that will help you if you look like you are really struggling with getting around. Some of the things I am still adjusting to is the currency. I still sometimes say dollars instead of pounds which can draw some interesting looks. In addition to that, I am still getting use to the different words they use for certain things in London. For example, trainers are said for shoes, jumper is said for a sweatshirt or crew-neck, trousers are pants, that kind of thing. Overall, I am really enjoying the local culture here and I am looking forward to becoming more immersed in it as the semester goes by!

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