Career Connections

So far my study abroad experience has definitely influenced my career goals a bit. I think it has made me realize that I would not mind traveling internationally for a career. Goals wise, I think it has confirmed for me that I really want to have a career in the marketing field because all of the marketing classes I am taking here have been really interesting and informational. The subject areas in my classes are taught through lectures and workshops which give me a more hands on feel. Being able to go through an example of what we talked about in the lecture with others in a workshop has allowed me to really understand the ins and outs of certain marketing techniques. Having this ability, I have discovered that I’m interested in pursuing the analytics and analysis side of marketing. I have not been able to establish any good connections with any professors so far but I have with students. With professors its a little harder because most of my classes here are pretty large. Although, my marketing research professor seems to like me and she is very knowledgeable so she will be my first connection I try to make. I have had some conversations with locals in my area of study in my classes to gain some insight on their views. I have mostly discovered that the locals here do not just take marketing as a study, it is paired with something. For them, they take marketing and management as one, so when I just say marketing they get confused. Overall, I would say so far study abroad has solidified my career goals. It has showed me how I can work on my own in any country and still get things done. It has also showed me that I want to travel endlessly, so combining a career and travel might be a good thing. Lastly, being abroad has allowed me to gain more insight in my field of study as well as realize what marketing aspect I might want a career in.

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