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Alright so in my previous post I mentioned how much effect the corona virus is having on students and the world right now. Well update, not only is the school telling me to come home but my program canceled and told me to go home. So, my flight out is tomorrow and I am going to have to self quarantine for 14 days when I am back home. It feels like a nightmare to be honest, hand sanitizer is selling out everywhere and everyone is being told to stay inside. At this point in time the only thing I’m worried about is the UK going on lock down before my flight out but I think that will not happen within the next few days. Pretty much all of my friends have already left and told me that they have not had too much trouble in the airports so that’s a plus. Its sad and frustrating with all of this going on. Having to pack my bags and clean out my room this early was definitely not expected. My classes are all online now which could be tough for the live seminars because of the time difference back home. I still have a lot of food and alcohol left over which is frustrating because all of this happened so fast but whatever I don’t finish I will give to my friends that are staying longer. I still feel healthy but I do feel striped of a once in a lifetime opportunity. I don’t think I will be able to make it back here and have the opportunity to travel so much for awhile but right now the main priority is to stay safe and healthy.

I do want to talk about the time I did get sick abroad though. For those who read this and having worrying parents about getting sick abroad, show them this. Not only did I get sick abroad I got sick not even in my host country. I had went to Tromso, Norway to see the northern lights and if you don’t know where that is, look it up (up by the arctic circle) its essentially in the middle of nowhere. I got strep throat for the first time and I was staying about 40 minutes from Tromso (again middle of nowhere). At the time I needed antibiotics none of the clinics where open or had doctors on site. Luckily, my airbnb host was nice enough to drive me to the emergency room to get a prescription for the antibiotics. Definitely not a fun situation to be in but I guess its situations like those that build your resiliency. Overall, the weekend could have been more enjoyable but I did get to check something off my bucket list.

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